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About the company

The beginnings of GEKO's activity on the Polish market date back to the turn of the 80's and 90's, when we dealt with the distribution of tools and power tools of leading companies in the Polish tool market. The experience we gained and a group of satisfied customers enabled us to introduce our own brand in 2004, the main goal of which, since the very beginning. has been to obtain the best possible ratio of the product price to the offered quality.
Knowledge of the market and many years of experience have allowed us to become one of the most competitive companies in Central Europe. For years, we have been supplying wholesalers and stores throughout the country, as well as in other European countries, and we base our cooperation with our customers on partnership and trust.


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Thanks to the consistent strategy, GEKO has consolidated its position not only in Poland, but also in foreign trade. Having extensive export possibilities, the company is dynamically developing and currently exports goods to countries on all continents. Thanks to consistent work in the field of foreign trade, our company maintains very good export condition, but it would not be possible without working on the highest quality of products.


The GEKO company bases its operation on two development models – development based on current customers and based on new or similar customers. The experience gained in cooperation with customers and listening to their comments allows us to continuously improve both the product and the quality of our recipients’ service.


The expectations of our customers have enabled the development of our fleet as well as the transport and forwarding base. We carry out deliveries throughout the country with the help of the best courier companies and our own transport. Foreign customers can count on the highest quality of deliveries realized by our long-term and trusted business partners.

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